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Meals On Wheels Lyrics

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Meals On Wheels Lyrics

(E-E-E-Energy made this one)
Yeah, C’mon

[Verse 1: 10TA Lil A]
Who, ain’t popped what, nigga ask around
We the ones that started all that shit, we be crashing out
Four glizzies, it’s like 250 so that’s, 160
Cuz hold two glizzies, it’s a 30 so we won’t miss ‘em
When you speaking on the 10, you better come correct
This nigga kept on talking out his mouth so now I’m at his neck
Hold on bitch, let me catch my breath
Heard you wanna beat yo bitch up, cause you ain’t get no sex
[Verse 2: Mgm Dave]
If you see me on that road, I’m getting real (?)
Serving blue 30s all day, I call em chill pills
We some bad boys for life, nigga ill will
But you’ll catch me shooting like mike, when I’m in the field
Pops did 20 straight, it’s time for an appeal
You would never know that bitch on me, I keep it concealed
I got buffs for 32 like Shaquille O’Neal
Brodie serving food out the whip, call it Meals on Wheels[Verse 3: Rio Da Yung Og]
If you run of with a bag and pay me back, I’m still gon’ kill you
You could have Chinchilla on, and I still won’t feel you
Trap daddy I’d fuck a bitch, pay for hair and bills too
If you see me in the club, I got ten’d fell through
(Shit) I mean ten’d fall through
You can buy a brick from me, and a ball too
I make money off of rap, scamming stores, and I sell dog food
60 racks on me, but it’s little cause it’s all blues
You got a plug? If I was looking for some pills, I wouldn’t call you
Flint nigga, I’d catch a body with my bitch with me
Big nickel, I bet I can break a nigga hip with it
I’d rob the camera man for his camera and take pics with it
Riding in the hood with a new Benz, this a 650
This a Hellcat, not a SXT, got the big engine
Street nigga, when I bought my first K it had a clip in it
Do a mixtape for 40 racks, and buy a brick with it
[Verse 4: 10TA Lil A]
(Ayy, hold onnn)
This a big glizzy, told him get with me
When I’m on the road in that Hemi, yeah I get jiggy
And my bitch keep the pigs, call her Ms. Piggy
I can tell by looking at your views, you can’t fuck with me
I ain’t off no perc’, I know what I’m doing
See the opps, I’m hopping out the whip, I guarantee I’m shooting
Bitch I’m with the 10, and we is not recruiting
Reaching for this chain, is you dumb? Is you fucking stupid?[Verse 5: Mgm Dave]
Shot a nigga in his stomach, and he started pooping
We be killing opps everyday, so they stay recruiting
Bro ruthless, selling dog like I know Rufus
I can’t fall in love with a hoe cause I don’t know Cupid
DJ Khaled on the bench, we don’t do no losing
6 they, patrol on the left so I stay cruisin’
Gotta keep me out that kitchen, ‘cause I’m so abusive
Bro just called with a pint of tech, I’m finna fly to (?)[Verse 6: Rio Da Yung Og]
She really let me put these phones in her name, this bitch so stupid
Nigga think he low because he got tint, but I’d blow through it
I might just stay in Ohio for a week, I got a show Tuesday
And stop dick sucking the gang, let yo hoe do it
Smart nigga, plus I got sense, but my flow stupid
Dropped so many rounds out the Glock, the bitch broke shooting
I ain’t really gotta kill you, I can have my lil’ bro do it
Just seen my ex bitch with her baby daddy, and I spoke to em’

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