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Indian Eyes Lyrics

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Indian Eyes Lyrics


Don’t revolutionize
Indigenize instead, with Indian Eyes(Verse 1)
I’m an Indigenous boy, come to tell you a story, about my life and perspective, and all that glory. I grew up, going to the church, my church was nature, and I think that definitely works. When I was young, I grew up going to the lodge, the lodge was sacred, more than just a cave. I know what it’s like to be invisible, my life’s lesson is always to attack that, though. Over my life I have learned that what I need to see is to go to the land, and then I’m able to brеathe. I always like to go to the land, and whеn I do, everything is better, and easier to understand. Talk to the moose, talk to the deer, talk to the chimpanzee, feel their spirits, and how they look at me. All I’m trying to do is to indigenize, in order to do that though, you have to have the eyes(Chorus)Don’t revolutionize
Indigenize instead, with Indian Eyes
(Verse 2)Now, there have been many controversies regarding Indigenous history. Some people say we don’t exist. Gregg Castro said it’s rude of us to still exist. Some people say we’re not as plentiful in the United States. They say, there’s not that many at all. Some people say, “there weren’t that many Natives here at first contact, that is not a fact. Some people, way too much to bear, seem to claim that they don’t really care about the facts and info, they don’t know what they’re in for, after they start reading articles like Chuck’s Sixth Anthro. The bottom line is that it should be considered a crime not to study Native ways somewhere along the line, because once you do, then you will see, that we’re more than just cavemen, bumping into redwood trees. We’re more than just cavemen, bumping into redwood treesNow we don’t have to revolutionize, we just have to indigenize instead(Ending Refrain)
Ha ha shi ka yu, ha ha hoko teya now

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