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Reso Bankroll (Ft. Poloboy Nunu) – How You What (InDaStreets Version) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Reso Bankroll (Ft. Poloboy Nunu) – How You What (InDaStreets Version) Lyrics.

Reso Bankroll (Ft. Poloboy Nunu) – How You What (InDaStreets Version) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Reso Bankroll]
You won’t see me at no church though
Still slanging pack to
All the church folks
Pastor even want his shit
Rolled up
Fo’ I drop it off
I can scale it up
Bag it up
Or do a drop off (Mmm)
Nigga think it’s sweet
Fuck around and
Knock ya block off
Fuck around and
Knock ya bitch up
Let you raise the baby
If he with me
Know he with it
And it’s on ’em
Like the navy
If I purchase
Cuz it’s sealed
How you broke
But chasing paper
I ain’t never
Need yo bitch
She still mines
Ain’t gotta claim her
That’s what it is
Wanted boy
That’s a disclaimer
I can’t be there for you love
I’m too busy counting cake
I was outchea
On my own
Half theses niggas
In the way
Ion want ya lil boo
Dick her down
Then gotta skate (Uh)
Been about a bag
Make a play
Be onna way
Slimеd me out
‘Posed to be my
Fuck up out my face
I’ll be damned
If I break bread
With a mother fuckin
Aye let the beat bang
Baby I’mma
Beat yo back to it
Lil stripper bitch
Turn yo baby momma
To a groupie
Grab the cam
Kodak moment
We boutsta
Shoot a movie
3’s a crowd
But I like crowds
So tell yo girls
Let’s get into it
I been pimpin’
Since pimpin’
Been pimpin’
My dog (Yeah)
I can teach you
How to be a player
I can really show you
How to get some motion
Half these niggas
Get a crumb
And try to bust
It wide open
You was preaching
To the choir
I was slanging
To the deacon
Ion need it I just want it
Beat it up with
No emotions
Ion do no call backs
Simon said do
Whatcha ‘posed to
Ion need no hand outs
Wanted boy
Bitch I was chosen
Bitch I’m, bitch I’m, bitch I’m-
Bitch I’m flyer than
A eagle
In the A I’m with
The falcons
Favorite dancer name
Is *Bleep*

When I say *bleep*
Make a bleep for that
Fuck that bitch now

[Verse 1 cont.: Reso Bankroll]
Bitch I’m, bitch I’m, bitch I’m-
Bitch I’m flyer than
A eagle
In the A I’m with
The falcons
Favorite dancer name
Is *Bleep*
Pretty face
Got pussy power
Attitude on fuck you pay me
Keep it comin
Keep on counting
Count me out
Say I ain’t on
Guess you niggas
Couldn’t count
Rollin blunts up
In the mountains
Way up there
Where I’m at
They ain’t wanna
See me on
Guess I’m far from
Where they at

[Verse 2: Poloboy Nunu]
In the street cause
Shit get real
Keep yo heat
‘Fo you get killed
Bro nem creep
It ain’t no sleep
We jump on feet
Control this wheel
Keep yo seat
‘Fo you get drilled
Can’t be beat
That’s how I feel
Said it’s beef
So when we meet
You gon’ get popped
Just like this pill
I been thuggin’ since a kid
I been out here since a jit
I was raised around them killers
I solve problems wit a stick
I give credit to Lil’ Blake
First one took me on a hit
Now I pay to get shit whacked
Only cause I went legit (Nigga)
You ain’t taking shit
I’m outside with all my chains
Nigga better use his his head
Before his homies see his brains
Made a oath to all my niggas
I ain’t switching on my gang
Never switching on my bros
Not for money
Not for fame
Bitch I’m thuggin’
Thuggin’ like they pay me
I been fuckin’ nigga’s bitches
Why you think these niggas hate me
He’ll slide for his BM
Instead of his brother
That shit crazy
I was chillin’ all last year
But I’m back turnt
Cause I felt lazy
Now I’m back bitch
And I’m slapped bitch
Don’t fuck with niggas
Who be on rap shit
We really wrap shit
If he with me
Just know he clap shit
Can’t be on cap shit
It’s C.O.S
Don’t be on rat shit
That make us whack shit
I got on from selling weight
Hope today a better day
I thought he was thuggin’
But detectives turned him LMA
Bitch don’t call my phone
About no opp
Just pull up
Let it spray
I’m leavin’ soon as I nut
Don’t give no fuck
Bitch I don’t ever stay

(I’m leavin’ soon as I nut
Don’t give no fuck
Bitch I don’t ever stay)
And I ever pay (Bitch)

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