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Rema – DND Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Rema – DND Lyrics.

Rema – DND Lyrics

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Another banger

Mo to ti de, lati gba gboru, oshey
Me wey be were
Oya, gawu oh, gawu
Shey you no dey see say I just drop gbedu, ayy
Them talk say no be me be H-I-M, okay na
You go come tell me na who oh, na who
Make humility no go turn me malu (Malu, malu)
Because if I talk one they go wan swallow me, ayy
Sha one good, sha one bad
Sha wan real, sha wan fake (Me I no do again)
Oya, see wins, now they wan shallow win, say
They wan dey bully me, omo, I don too calm
Talk my shit right up in your face, me I no dey shame

I don do too much Ps and Qs, right now, I go put you on DND
Keep your eyes sharp, you know bеcause e get how you go movе around me wey you fit end up on DND
I dey waka without security because I shot one shakabula inside my GLE
Ayy, oshey oh, o wan bi (Even egbon dey collect DND)

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