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Half-Silvered Lyrics

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Half-Silvered Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m by the glass now, one side is see see through
You can see me but I don’t see you
I feel insecure, give you power to help you or break me beyond what I’ve been through
Berate me
One day and the next you don’t hate me
You don’t lose shit whether or you stay or betray me
Aslong as I’m still entertaining
You could get something
Soon as I’m not you’ll move on then
But I bleed too
And when you step away from the glass I don’t disappear
My life ain’t an anecdote
You’re not entitled to my smile, yo, let’s get it clear
I don’t owe you shit (I don’t owe you shit)
Certainly not my love
Somedays you give me the strenght to hold the sky up
Other days you drain me of my blood
I’ve been here before
This feels just like home now
This side of the wall
Is everything I know, while
You see what I show
You I never see though
You pretend we’re close
But I’m nobody’s hero

[Verse 2]
Everybody’s an authority on me apparently, except for me
Treat me like you’ve ownership is baffeling
Any moment y’all could corner me and laugh at me
Once they used to treat me cordially with flattery
See I ain’t seeking glory on this journey that I’m traveling
You’re indelicate, your tongue’s foreign, soaked in apathy
I don’t deny responsability I’m spoused to navigate
But let’s try adress control more acurately
You on the other side, judging photographically
Hoping that I dance and open up unabashedly
Nothing you could lose, I could lose my whole capacity to move
It’s the truth
Let us not ignore reality
I’ve no fucking clue what your story is and actually
I don’t give a deuce, we all corny and inadequate
And while I have some power left
Let me add that when I die you’ll make it about yourself

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