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Highway Blues Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Highway Blues Lyrics.

Highway Blues Lyrics

Daddy died down in the Georgia mines
Buried him down low in the long leaf pines
Hopped a train on down to Denver, Lord
Just to get on down the road

Robbed a liquor store for a little dough
Tied my arm off there with a piece of a rope
Woke up sweatin’ down on the main line
Hopped a train to San Anton’Heard Hank Williams there on the radio
The old man fishin down at the creek below
Shot him down and took his key chain
Hit the gas and I was gon’Found a motel down in New Mexico
Needed gas shot up a Texaco
Hit the highway in the mornin
Burnin diesel into dawn[Chorus]
Them blues gonna catch up to you
Them blues…Them blues gonna catch up to you
Them blues…
Met her as a waitress, she was servin food
Liked her style and I liked her attitude
Spend the night down in the hotel
Makin love til we saw the sunWoke up hungry, lord, she took my bread
Grabbed the .45 from undearneath the bed
Caught her down at the diner, sat beside her
Put a bullet right in her headIn the way out to Californ-i-yay
Hauled me off to central bookin, ran my prints
And I was doneWarden said, “Son, you gon end up fried
Thousand volts electricity up in ya hide
What you want for your last meal?”
I said “Nothin, that was one hell of a ride.”[Chorus]

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