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Blamp Camp Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Blamp Camp Lyrics.

Blamp Camp Lyrics

R3 Da Chilliman
The boogie man home, bitch
I’m back from the dead (hahaha)

Somebody should’ve told him 7.62s go through vests
He was sippin’ wock and I just had tubes in my chest
I’m in a Benz, this shit fast like a SRT
Blamp camp general, shit, it was almost R.I.P
They blowing up my phone I’m leaving bitches on read
‘cause they ain’t come see me when I was on my deathbed
Chunky back boys, still gettin’ money off the packs
Lookin at the doc, like “What you mean my lungs collapsed?”
Yo lil bitch a freak you know R threezy, he had to poke
I ain’t squabblin’ shit, ask for a fade you gettin’ smoked
It’s titties on the choppa, bitch you can’t stop the game
Stab a nigga up, tell em “He can’t stop the rain”
Almost seen the heaven gates, but I’m back flockin’ hittin’ fences
I boogie down on niggas, ask my opps they my witness
Bullets don’t got no name (?) get the business too
I’m the nigga that influenced you to do the shit you do
All my life I been a joint that’s why it’s tats on my head
Free Lank and Grimeydog bitch we was passin’ for the bread
All white air forces but my whole outfit Gucci
He eyeballin’ pieces but I’m equipped with heavy duty
Think before you act ‘cause I do life about these diamonds
Put my bitch to the test, and she failed while I was dying
In the hospital poppin’ percs like I was celebrating
Bounce out and start shootin’, fuck I look like hesitating
I’ma overkill boy I’m sending bullets to his brain
Fuck a window, I’m from the walk down gang
Had multiple surgeries so this MAC stay close to me
I’m playin bitches they think Bo Jackson been coaching me
Yea nigga
The nigga who influenced you niggas lifestyle home
Niggas wanted me dead
I came back counting racks on Instagram bitch
I’m Mr. Chilli
The blamp camp general bitch

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