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P.Y.G (Ft. Size (UK), Stigs, T.Snap & Young Gunna.D) – Coming Up Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you P.Y.G (Ft. Size (UK), Stigs, T.Snap & Young Gunna.D) – Coming Up Lyrics.

P.Y.G (Ft. Size (UK), Stigs, T.Snap & Young Gunna.D) – Coming Up Lyrics

[Intro: Tiny Snap]
(The Synthesis, The Synthesis)
SN the Trey-80 popper
(The Synthesis, The Synthesis)
Young fucking Gunna D
Stigs (Pecky)
Shooting Size

[Verse 1: Stigs]
You’re always chatting on MSN
You should feel a piece of the knife
Stab you in the head, stab you in your chest
You didn’t see that coming so we’re calling that a flipping surprise
When your marjay sees all that pain in my eyes
Feeling kinda nice when I see the knife collide
In your wide chest, that’s what you get
When you’re in King’s College laying in your deathbed
I’m sparking a zoot, getting shermed off the great cess
I’m dumping on anyone, don’t think I would leave you
‘Cause you’re nameless, now you’re chainless
’Cause I popped that and gave it to my princess
It wasn’t on my ones, fam, I popped it with Nathan
And Tiny Snap came through, guns blazing (bow bow)
Now you’re all dried up, something like a raisin
Pissed, now you’re dead, knife wound in your head
This is a little madness with the mesh (machete)

[Verse 2: Young Gunna.D]
Twisted, crazy fucker
I grab your nut, cuz
Know Brantz sets it raw like thunderr
The shank slipped in your chest and out of your jumper
For the talk telling me you’re a dumper
Now you’re slumped, blud
Young Gunna D, I’ll touch ya
Went court, went jail, ain’t nothing changed I’m a nutter
Me and my black blade we’re lovers
It’s got my back while I control it, touching bruddas
You ain’t down with the team, suck your mudda
I need Ps, rudeboy, I need that fucking money
You little pricks make me laugh when you’re talking cruddy
Young Termz? That nigga there, yeah, he’s fucking gully
You niggas talk guns like you really got straps
When I start cutting shit down like I’m Samurai Jack
And the samurai’s black, something’s gonna get stabbed
I ain’t flinging no jabs when I fucking go mad

[Verse 3: Tiny Snap]
Niggas know me, still on my gassed hype
Still put my nank in a prick for the wrong vibes (yes)
If I grab on the hand ting, it’s night-night (trust me)
Click-click boom, you’re gonna see a bright light
Niggas know that I’m backing it, for Murda Mikes
Catch me with Brantz or Termz in the Pecky sides
If there’s a madness, I’m grabbing on my knife
Putting it to work, I ain’t letting shit slide (trust me)

[Verse 4: Shooting Size]
Niggas only gas them brand new whips
Fuck that, I move gassed when I’m powering in a zip (yesss)
Bet you wanna back out the beef ‘fore your boy gets it
YGs sickminded, they might arson your crib (arson)
If I beat the mash, I’ll leave your arse on a drip
All-night grinding, fam, I’m murking the strip
While you niggas are washed at home, beating a chick (washed)
I’m out on the roads, fam, serving a piff
Violate the YGs? Then I’m burning a prick (dead)
I’ve got young shooters fam, I’ll put money on your wig (money on your wig)
Niggas act and speak about bodies on a track
Fuck that (that’s moist), I’ll put a body on my strap (blow)
If a pussy tries to run up on my stack, that’s a slug up in his back (in his back)
The sweet for my ting is so big (so big)
You swear to god I’m pushing rockets out my MAC
When the rocket hits your back, that’s a little pussy clapped

Dun know, all the other gangs, Pecknarm-
Oi, fuck all you lot, bodies soon start dropping
P.Y.G, fuck the rest of them
Hold tight my S.I. dargs, what you saying?
Dun know, PY to S.I
Fuck the rest of them, innit
Tiny Snap, my nigga little Taz here, dun know
Obviously it’s a Pecky ting (Pecky, dun know)
Free Tiny Tazz (fuck your squad, whoever’s watching this, dun know), Mad Max
Coming on tracks talking ’bout dropping bodies fuck that, man, I put your body on my mash
Hold tight my Shoot Instant niggas: Snap, Butch, Blackz
RIP Termz, rest in peace Termz, Boogie, Pecky

This is the end of the Lyrics

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