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Armageddon Lyrics

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Armageddon Lyrics

Verse 1: Killah Priest -War of armageddon, honor and peasants
Always guardin a weapon, either cock it or protect it
The beast will be beheaded
The statues stand naked
Dead is unresting, no need for paramedics
Hell fire, pair of plyers for barbed wires
Jail writers, nail biters, failed messiahs
Jeremiah 14 verse 38
If it does not exist, then what chapters did I miss?
Baphomet, Horus, looking through the eye pyramid
Anglo saxons, anunnaki, star callеd Sirius
All this conditioned to a plan called covid
All this predictеd from a man called Moses
All this recycled from a band of poets
Plagues the land of famine and locusts
Hocus pocus, out dark cavy and summer
Legendary, hope you ready
After lightning then thunder
The vikings, knights and the witch hunters

Verse 2: Purverse- yo, we grinding its a matter of timin
We shining hard, you can’t shatter a diamond
You might fall from the ladder you climbin
Im a lyrical killer, ya blood splattered from rhyming
Im a shy kid but I battle the giants
My main goal is to dismantle the tyrants
Tryna kill the beef before it leads to actual violence
Every dude that promoted peace it seems they had to be silenced
The weak cattle is mindless, ignore the facts cause they blinded
Thats why you in a herd cause yo ass is misguided
They say Im a nerd, a fascist, a pirate
But they rather go berserk like the clash of the titans
They want us divided like a house when its flashed by the lightning
Thats why we got here, thats why we have to be united
People in they feelings they too mad to be fighting
But they might as well, cause its the only way you gonna last in this island

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