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Cheese Tax Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Cheese Tax Lyrics.

Cheese Tax Lyrics

The cheese tax! The cheese tax!

You’t got to pay the cheese taxEverytime you’re cooking
When the cheese comes out
This puppy comes lookingThe rules are the rules
And the facts are the facts
And when the cheese drawer opens
You’ve got to pay the tax
The cheese tax! The cheese tax!Hand it over quick
Or thigns might get ugly
I can get really loud
I’m a really barky puppy (Bark)I’m not just asking
Because i’m looking for snacks
This is real importan business
And you’vе got to pay the taxThe cheese tax! Thе cheese tax!
The cheese tax!Cheddar is acceptable, and Parmesan is fine
But a little bit of Gouda would really blow my mind
There’s noe scaping, do don’t try to dodge (Pay the dairy tarriff!)
The collection of fromage!The cheese tax! The cheese tax!
The cheese tax!

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