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Easy Scams Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Easy Scams Lyrics.

Easy Scams Lyrics

[?] we hope you have a good flight
Bye, have a nice flight
We love you so much Dev (kissing noises)
Its time to pay your favour to the [?]

I’m hitting banks, dropping checks, cooking clones and cracking cards
I hope nobody told you that scamming was hard
I hit BOA seven times this week, tryna switch up my card
I been punching everything I see I been going too hard
My bitch came from Italy, had to match with my car
I seen yo’ bitch twerking on OnlyFans, tryna be a new star
I can get them Apples in for free if you down to drive far
I hope nobody told you that scamming was hard
[verse 1]
We can’t shake hands, you ain’t never seen a million
Why would I quit writing dumps, I already made a killing
I do bank wires fraud, you clones, I’m into stealing
I need the track 1, with the track 2, that’s how I’m feeling
Simple minded bitch, I bеt she fucked me cuz I’m flashing hunnids
I might usе the switch, you got lucky if I don’t get to dumping
[?], chasing BOA, drop him in [?]
Bring me, a couple different banks, and you can be my runner

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