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Lies And Then Lyrics

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Lies And Then Lyrics

Touched me again
And I knew
I could never be her friend
Have you got
Any money in your pocket
Well if I had a door
Baby, I would lock it
But everyday and every way
Her spirit just gets stronger
All the little lies you tell
They get longer
Oh lies again
Oh lies, lies my friend

She touched me
I could feel her glow
Do you
Do you
Do you really know?
With all those unread books
Piled up on your shelves
I just can’t help thinking
You still don’t know yoursеlf
You lie beside mе now
As all the rivers flow
Crashing waves break all borders
And shockwaves bellowOh lies again
Oh lies and thenShe touched me and then
I saw our friendship was impossible to mend
You stand by a window
In a musty tiny room
Blocking out all the light
In your seven rooms of gloom
Ripped up letters
Like mushrooms on the floor
I can hardly hear you say
You are not feeling strange anymore
Oh lies again
Oh lies, lies my friendShe touched me
With nothing left to gain
And I knew
This must really be the end
And my whole is thought living someone elses mind
So all the things I despise I now try to find
Will you bring more, yes?
As I look away
So am I me or someone else or mist, just like this spray?Oh lies again
Oh lies my friend

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