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The Roamer Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you The Roamer Lyrics.

The Roamer Lyrics

I’ve been roaming far and wide
Got my kicks on the countryside
My feet are tired of this heavy load

Well there’s one girl on my mind
She works me every time
Her brown eyes make my body roll
Well she’s got my child
I keep moving down the roadRoad the train in Mississippi
Shined some shoes in Tennessee
Tried my hand as a gambling man
Now I walk in my bare feet
I got my hat up in the city
With a girl named Jeanine
Where she got that body
I don’t know and I can’t see
She took all my money
I keep moving down the roadSpent three days in Amarillo
Pavеd the streets in San Antone
My knees are wеak from walking lord
All on my ownSo I hitchhiked up to Arkansas
Worked my over to Wichita
The faces I saw I did not know
Well they probably didn’t want me there either no
So I keep moving down the road

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