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Motion sickness – demo Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Motion sickness – demo Lyrics.

Motion sickness – demo Lyrics

Sick and tired
Of feeling lonely
I’ve been giving all of me
For nothing in return at all

Sitting down
On a silent morning
Waiting for the chance
That you callJust to be in your arms
The world was so far
Out of reach from
Feeling any emotions at all
The look in your eyes
Trust hard to fall
Motion sickness moving in
We’ve got nothing left to stall
I just wanna be loved
Let me into your arms
Reaching close to your heart
Oh, my love
I just wanna be loved
Let me into your heart
Reach ‘bout all of these scars
Oh my loveI just wanna be loved
Reaching down in the seams
Trying so hard to breathe
With every second we waste
On all this honesty
Relapsed, the motion sickness seems
To be getting so damn badLet me just tell you that

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