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​how2sleep Lyrics

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​how2sleep Lyrics

The water was cool and you’re shining
These silhouettes turn from shadows into ice
I don’t believe in this silence
And how you’re still stuck in what’s left behind
And why would you love when you’re tired?
So caught up with fucking up all these highs
And I’m so sick of still trying
Of holding onto you
Still caught between

Your sleeves rolled up in balls
Crawled up in your car
The lights run down your window
Roll ‘nother one
Seizures can’t withdraw
Your thoughts still in my mind
Trapped within my head
I, ha
Can’t get out of bed
You couldn’t -, couldn’t say
Couldn’t say
Couldn’t takeThe water was cool, and we’re shining
Situations don’t understate what’s in linе
Certain visions don’t care to expirе
I’m turning lipid on to see you’re fine
But why would you say that I’m fire?
If all of this’ sucks and you’re de-sanitized
I’m so fucking sick of still trying
Of holding onto youSo honestly
Your tears roll down, i’m soz
Fight your empty cause
Cries don’t seem to matter, oh
Till it’s all undone
Ceasures can’t withdraw
These thoughts stuck in your mind
Caught up in forever
I, ha
⁃ ha
Can’t get out
Out of bed
Can’t get out of my head

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