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Crusader Lyrics

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Crusader Lyrics

Feel like Bruce Wayne
Embracing my pain
I must become fear
Into high gear
Too many people
Gossiping in Gotham
But I’m about to
Speak up
Against all of
These problems!
{Verse 1}
Still alive
I’m still here
Writing my raps
Like I’m Shakespeare
The’re tryna make us
Insane but I will still
Fight Bane
These corporates
Think that they
Can get away with
But their gonna see
Something coming
From my batarang!

Feel like Batman
Feel like Batman
Why do we fall?
So we can learn to
Pick ourselves up
Battling my addictions
Like it’s science fiction
A 9-5 job?
Man that sounds pretty mediocre
I rather have a duel
With the Joker
Going to the boxing ring with
So I can face my fears
Right here
Yeah it’s been a tough year
But I will not give up
So please listen up!
{Verse 2}
When it’s night time
It’s my prime time
Yeah we getting lit with
That kryptonite
Yeah I’m the Dark Knight!
Don’t want no avengeance
I wanna see through my reflection!
Facing Scarecrow
But I’m such in a flow
Now I gotta go attend
Riddler Show{Outro}
Me and Robin bout to drop in
To end this rap
No cap
Gotham is back
These villains I have beef with is
Tryna terrorize but they don’t know
I’m bout to get that rise!
Hit up on Wayne Enterprise!
Penguin’s gang bout to be
As I’m about to fly through the skies!

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