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Hays (feat. Oyó) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Hays (feat. Oyó) Lyrics.

Hays (feat. Oyó) Lyrics

Can you walk up
Off of your seat
Is it some pleasure
To miss a beat

To think wise
To save othersIs this rushing?All i’m really trying is to see it
Was it all in front of my head
Could it be that something to believe in
We stay seated
RightSome type of vision
To run it off the line
Some kind of feeling
It’s yours, It’s mine
Some type of vision
(Never to be riling, To carry on your way, taught to climb the brae)
To run it off the line
(To make it or forget, Never to be riling)
Some kind of feeling
(Carry in your way, Or stray)
It’s low, it’s high
(Ought to be awake by now)Stay High
(And stay likе it)
Stay High
(Stay like it)
Stay High
(We like it)
Stay High

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