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Thoughts? Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Thoughts? Lyrics.

Thoughts? Lyrics

Dancin in the rain
Gotta bullet in the brain, gonna
Griddy this, take off my pants man

Shoot my shot, I’ll be fucking them up
Crankin the 90’s, flanking the whitiesBro
You be in my head take a shit
You piece of shit
I fucking hate this shit you bitch
Ruined my life
Drive around man
Try money shift to town man
Fucking up my clutch until I die out fam, gotta
Big booty bitch, Yung gravy man
Fuck a bitch, yeah you heard
Swagger souls, I dunno
Fuck a bitchTake a hit, I’m messing in the backrooms
Walking around with no end, take my hand man
Gay shit I love shit I love sucking toes bitch
Pull out my chessboard, pull out this dick thoughI got a big check
Pulling out my 40 mil in Southwest(TaniRift)
Shut yo bitch ass up
What is going on
I pull up like a pawn
Mowing down your lawn
Can’t see me im, my name is johnYou think your a smart fella
But you just a fart smella
I want to start tella
You are no art sеlla
Eat salmonella
Peewy little shorty (wow)I think i get it
I think i gеt i now
When you think your so strong
But really so belong
In the world of ping pong
When i come to sing songHa ha ha but
Don’t you think I’m done
Shit just got undone
Shoot you a shotgun
Your tryna have fun?
Bitch look at the sun(8lak3_)
Look at me, I’m Baby no, money, mula, bags
Of cash, of which you have none
Stupid bitch
Fuck you(TaniRift)
Dog water
You’re so weak
Your name could be
He’s so small
He’s such a tiny twink
(Sorry Aranamor I won’t let my cat outside!)(Pamperson)
Pull up to her house, finding myself getting laid
Taking off her pants, then I see her, big ass dick
Going to my mom because I got a good grade
Looking at Schumacher and he said he hates Mick, thisCrazy A F got a girl in DM’s
Loreina and Richie this the shit that they do bruh
Call me a loser cuz ima big juicer like a
Big ass fat mom because SHE got big juicersLady, can’t get myself close to you like I want
I wanna feel, that love that you give me
You gonna get yo ass beat real good(8lak3_)
Juicer like im xqc
I’m running on no sleep, im
So fucking gay
I be sucking, on so much penis

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