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The After Life Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you The After Life Lyrics.

The After Life Lyrics

Oh shit they killed me bruh
Like damn a homicide, suicide
Monoxide in the garage exhaust
These fumes into my lungs for what

Like shit you ain’t getting out, out of it
Nobody wants to see you go, under it
Get up let’s start our day
You and me together now
See the green, see the trees
Think about, loving me
Get these dubs, in real life
I will sub, with twitch primeI will be your pokimane
Love me like i’m a deep fake
See me in the streets you hear
Parading like i’m a queer[8lak3_]
Comin’ straight through the door
Killed by seek, on thе floor
Lighter from the store
Didn’t havе to happen if you wanted more
Karma bitch, might harm you bitch
And leave your carcass in a ditch
They’ll find your body with no head
Tears are shed, coated redSouda on the spree
Like the birds and the bees
My McLaren covered up
Like my Porsche tuned it up
Sixteen hundreds boy
This ain’t no artificial toy
Whip my Tessy, next Rush
Screech on the Eyes
Ain’t no Shhh

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