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Who Is This Boy? Lyrics

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Who Is This Boy? Lyrics

Who is this boy?
His noise and his danger
Your violence gleams, you’re dazed with silent dreams
And moonlight made you seem a stranger

I know a boy
I’ve known him forever
But there’s a day when he turned back to look at me
And someone else was in his armor
We’ve grown too brave
For pretending
I know your life’s not mine to save
We’re racing like a heartbeat to the ending
So just let me try to save my heart from breakingYou’re restless, I’m quiet, each glance is a question
And sunrise is falling like ash from the heavens[ACHILLES]
Who is this boy?
He’s panicked, defiant
Now he stands alone, is this the prince I’d known?
How can I deny him?[PATROCLUS]
Is this the boy
Who no man can frighten
In the chill of dawn, all his defenses gone
And so like a child againIn other days
We were bending toward the sun
Like a bowstring yields to let its arrows blaze
We’re racing down the hillside and it feels so
Long ago, unreal, and I can’t help the ache
And swiftly I’m falling through time like an arrow
The string breaks, the bird flies, and memory is freedomWho is this boy?
I don’t think I know this boyBringing them both back to the presentIf you don’t fight today–[ACHILLES]
It was my choice, but I made it, and I will get the honor I paid so dearly for. Should I let agamemnon humiliate me? Should I bow to his whims again and again? We’ve taken it this far. I won’t bend now[PATROCLUS]
Then I will[ACHILLES]
Dress me in your armor and let me fight in your stead. You won’t have to serve Agamemnon or give in to the prophecies. The Trojans will take me for you, and the myrmidons will chase them from the ships, and our people will be saved[ACHILLES]
You’ll get yourself killed[PATROCLUS]
We’ll give the trojans a scare, that’s all. There’s no prophecy over my head. We’ll push them out of the camp, be back by afternoon–
Think of what you said to me that day by the river on Mount Pelion. You said–[ACHILLES]
What if the gods could change you?[PATROCLUS]
You tried to speak[ACHILLES] [PATROCLUS]
But I couldn’t But you couldn’t[PATROCLUS]
And you blinked twice[ACHILLES]
And I said to you[PATROCLUS] [ACHILLES]
That you would grow with me I would grow with youYou swore that you would go with me However we’re changing
And you said you’d be here tomorrow I’ll be with you always
You’ve always had my love
And since that’s not enough
Where you are going, let me followWe’ve grown too brave
For pretending
I know that you’re not mine to save
We’re racing like a heartbeat to the ending
So just let me try–So just let me try[ACHILLES]
Don’t take troy without me
I’ll do the rest
We’ll have our forever[PATROCLUS]
Or whatever is leftLet me go, Achilles[ACHILLES]
Then you will return to me?Were we the boys[ACHILLES & PATROCLUS]
Who were gods for a moment?[PATROCLUS]
You were born divine, but you weren’t satisfied
Achilles had to be a hero[ACHILLES]
Ten years ago
We watched and we wondered
The world was young, our lives a song unsung
Your eyes the drowsy shade of summer[PATROCLUS]
I’ve grown too brave
For pretending
But then the darkness meets your deathless gaze
It feels like this will be a bright forever
Memory’s like a dream and I’m so close to waking[ACHILLES]
We lay by the river; the sunlight was breathless[PATROCLUS]
We’re quiet[ACHILLES]
We’re restless[PATROCLUS]
Each glance was a question[ACHILLES & PATROCLUS]
Who is this boy?
Who is this boy?
Who is this boy?
I think that I love this boy

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