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The Embassy Lyrics

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The Embassy Lyrics

Something must have happened. Agamemnon is finally begging you to fight

He could have come himself[PATROCLUS]
He’s desperate. He sent all his cleverest men[ACHILLES]
And Ajax
Twelve stallions[PHOENIX]
Seven tripods[AJAX]
And ten bars of gold[PHOENIX]
Twenty cauldrons[AJAX]
Seven women[ODYSSEUS]
And plundered goods galore[ODYSSEUS, AJAX, & PHOENIX]
A dowry, a daughter, a marriage and a treasure
Chrysothemis, Laodice, or Iphianassa
Cardamyle and Enope, the grassy slopes of Hire
And Pherae the sacrosanct, Anthea deep in meadows–[ODYSSEUS]
BriseisAgamemnon swears that briseis has not been harmed. He is more than willing to release her, and restore your honor–[AJAX]
Not to mention the gifts[ODYSSEUS]
–if you, and your Myrmidons, stand with us against the trojans[ACHILLES]
None of you stood with me when agamemnon dishonored me[ODYSSEUS]
Then who will remember you if you don’t fight for him?[ACHILLES]
I would not be remembered for this humiliation. We’ve already tossed ten years to the wind. And all for what? For some king’s runaway wife? Is he the only man alive who loves somebody, Odysseus?
Indulge me, Achilles. Explain why this is so–
We can’t all be heroes, but sadly, so it goes–
You bargain for glory, but will not pay the price
The men find it funny, and frankly so do I

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