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Briseis’ Flight Lyrics

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Briseis’ Flight Lyrics

My good lord, my apologies for crossing you
You can name any consequence–I will bow to you
But I swear that I caused nothing

Quit this stalling, quit this blushing[BRISEIS]
Yes, my lord
My good lord, is there something that you want from me?[AGAMEMNON]
You disgrace me to my men and now you’re taunting me?[BRISEIS]
While I cannot change the past, I
Swear to zeus that it’s the last time
I’ll offend[IPHIS]
I was never known for my reverence[AGAMEMNON]
Pursue her[IPHIS]
But I pray that our gods are generous[AJAX]
We can’t, sir[DIOMEDE]
‘Cause it’s almost like she’s changing[IPHIS & DIOMEDE]
Like the wind becomes her wings and
How she flies
Then the faraway man calls, “Briseis” Ahh…[AGAMEMNON]
Where we stand, we can see the shores of Tenedos
Hope is rising up to meet her
She is flying towards her freedom
Towards the sky[DIOMEDE]
And there’s none who could have touched her then. Not one[IPHIS]
But a boy who had to be his father’s son[PYRRHUS]
And I pray that her gods are generous

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