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Lil nutz – Gay Freestyle pt2 (Ft. lil booger boy) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Lil nutz – Gay Freestyle pt2 (Ft. lil booger boy) Lyrics.

Lil nutz – Gay Freestyle pt2 (Ft. lil booger boy) Lyrics

[Intro: lil booger boy)
Yeah, it’s lil booger boy on the beat, nigga
Lou Wiz, who is Lou Wiz?
Lou Wiz on the track

[Verse 1: lil nutz & ]
At the party makin’ out with dudes
Yeah, and you know they really fuckin’ nude ()
Yeah, aye, aye, you know I’m really gay ()
Fiddlelyn with cock got me cummin’ all day
He ride my face while we listen to kanye
Playin’ with some grandma titties got me screamin’ “yay”
They saggy as fuck but I motorboat them anyway
My butthole bleedin’ ‘cause it’s taco Tuesday
Or because booger boy ate it yesterday
Suck my teaches dick so I can past the test today
My side piece was my best man at my weddin’ dayYou heard me, I stuck my fingers in his butt
Look at me wrong imma bust a fuckin’ nut
My dick 2 inches imma keep it a fuckin’ buck
Lost my virginity to a homeless man naked Chuck
He told me bend over then he fiddled with my fuckin’ butt
I turned around, he was ticklin’ my fuckin’ nuts
I said that’s it I’m tired of these fuckin’ slutsHe wanted the smoke till I sprayed him with my fuckin’ nut
When I was a little kid, mall santa was in my fuckin’ guts
He said “what do you want for christmas?” then he slapped me with his fuckin’ nuts
Gang, gang, gang
[Verse 2: lil booger boy]
Yeah, he asked for a feature I just said “come hop on this dick”
Not no 20k for a verse just lick on my popsicle stick
I don’t fuck with hoes ‘cause they always playin’ tricks
Now I switched to dudes and I get whole lots of dick
Then he got on his knees and he lick on my nuts
I don’t think this dude gay he might be kinda sus
But he kinda cute so you know I might bust
Went for 6 hours, it’s like he’s glued to my butt
He said he was hungry so we went to pizza hut
He tried to stick it in my ear and I was like dude “what the fuck”
Yeah, I was like “nah, dude see ya”
Until he turned around and nutted in my fuckin’ pizza (I still ate it)[Outro: lil nutz]
Now let me get a sip of some of this drink
*slurping noises*

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