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Lil nutz – Crack Head (Ft. cooter boy & elffy) Lyrics

[Intro: cooter boy]
Tylian made the beat (Tylian made the beat)
Wanna smoke some meth?
Alright now take a fuckin’ breath

[Verse 1: cooter boy]
Aye I got some shit to say, let me get this off my chest
When I walk up on yo block, all you niggas see is death
I’ll beat yo ass, pull the trigger, y’all niggas know I’m way bigger
You know yo bitch want me cause I’m better
All you niggas know i got hella cheddar
Yeah I need to up the scope
Get my nigga, kick in yo door
Everybody call me Bill Cosby the way I spank a bitch in Hobby Lobby
Don’t do know drive by, cause I don’t got my license
But I put it in yo bitch (?)
I don’t know what the fuck that is
Murder on my mind like I’m fucking melly, aye
Aye, free that nigga
[Verse 2: lil nutz]
Yeah, now it’s my turn now nigga
Bitch call me R. Kelly, I piss in her belly
Throwing up 4’s and shit, look like some jelly
Ridin’ round the block, with a switch on the Glock
Man I just love the way yo bitch suck on my cock
Shoot it up in all black like the mo’ fucking cops
Kick yo door, hit a stain, twist up your dreadlocks
Spinnin’ the block on these mo’ fuckin’ opps
This shit that I sell, bout 90 a pop
On the come up, now I (?) taking lobs
(?) Imma be at the top
On the grind man this shit can’t stop
At the top with your bitch right beside me
Know I got us some Gucci,Louis, and Prada[Verse 3: elffy]
Got the Prada on me, lookin’ like a drip god
Lookin’ like a rizz god
Hit yo girl up, put it in the back of the whip, god
Feel like I’m back in 2018 I might just whip hard
Pop a little slip, then i’m gonna be a trip god
To be honest I ain’t really, I ain’t really trying no more
I mean it just be too easy to rappin’ on these little beats
These little Chief Keef lookin’ beats
Goofy ahh beats
Aye, aye, got the 30 clip, hanging out
Jumpin’ in yo dream, shoot it up
Then I blast it out, Then I (?) that
Shoot you up, then I shoot your mom, then I shoot your dad
Feel like patty, then I shoot your last, shoot you and your man
Got yo’ brain, spinnin’ around in circles like you is a (?)
To be honest, all I do on beats is (?)
[Outro: cooter boy]
God damn, that was some good shit
We need to try that again

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