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Nativeboy ride in the whip
Money Long wit the horsepower hip
I Heh heh
And I ain’t buyin ya shit
And I ain’t dyin for shit
Don’t try me to live
No silencein him
My body float higher than them
I can go higher than this
My women coherced
And they can agree or cohere
Get it regardless
I get it in blood
N my heart pump vigilant
I been a soldier of yah
It’s over for y’all and I
Stomp y’all viciously

Can’t play wit a pimp get checked
Bitch give neck when I call you to sip on me
I slay her wit darkness
I slay еm regardless what that they think of itIma givе it to em wat ya really want from a nigga
Beat the bitch up play dead haunt on a nigga
No horseplay whores on my cock gettin bigger
All force on a nigga dick hard like a snicker Dark like a nigga
Shiv hard like a clicker
Bald like a clipper
Go raw like a menace
Go hard like Serena at tennis
Till venus replenish [Bridge: NATIVEBOYKTA]
Watchya want x12 (Kiskeya! x6)
Uh, Nativeboy- K
Nativeboy shoot for the stars
My people go hard in the paint in my history
Calusa descent cut from the cloth of the breed of the black and the bitch know me
My mana is large
Charge I’m standing wit god shamanica mystery
I’m me
Arawak man stretch for the sea don’t let gonna be
Can’t wrestle wit me
That is you lost in the flames so you hellbound destined to be
Fuck is you dumb you in a awe
You crakkas is duh duh
Stressin to listen
Yo daughter is next in my mission to get you im hard for the P
Open up for my entry
Set is the man of the century [Bridge: NATIVEBOYKTA]
Watchya want x12 (Kiskeya! x6)
…..shoutout to all the dykesNativeboy-K-T-A

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