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Cookout Lyrics

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Cookout Lyrics

[Intro: Nas]
Yo, all work no play
That’s all niggas do
We always hustlin’
Need sometime to chill
Sit down and have some fun with our people’s yo

Yo, I woke up early one morning, yawning!
Called my man Nate, what’s up? Let’s get it on
You gon’ drive to my crib or I’m a drive to yours?
Take the crew out of state or we gon’ chill indoors?
Yo, a summertime plan, tell the shorty grab the pots and pans
Make something hot not ham
The Gods we don’t get down like that
Matter of fact I’ll bring the grill out
So we can cookout, couple of six pack
Chilling back, sit back, beach chair
Each year we try to take time out
Hate to empty the nines out
D batteries for the radio to blasties
Hits by the oldies, eating macaroni
Ladies playing cards, yo the fellas play dice
Horse whip the Porsche to the store to get more ice
Under the shade, thinking about ways to get paid
Sun’s shining yo I hope it don’t rain on our parade
Who pulls up in the Benzo, two side Jungle and Wiz show
They got more liquor, about to get raw nigga!
Somebody said niggas is hating us
But ain’t no cats they making us
So fuck them niggas, cuz they ain’t breaking us
Sylk in the cut with some shorty getting filthed up
Scenery looks so right, having a good life
The kid’s playing, my man L is DJ’in
Niggas try to fuck this party up our gats will be spraying
Yeah, that summer time shit
Yo, chill dunn, send that rap to the store we need ice
Feed the projects, some little kids we feed twice
Strictly Boar’s Head meat
Cornbread and sweet potato’s
In the river park, nothing but fiends and greedy neighbors
Extra charcoal, mad bitches by the car load
Kegs the Bud, Heineken case and jars of dro
Then it happened, the spatula dropped, but who’s fault?
My nigga High brought the barbeque sauce
Paper plates, the foils and forks
Killa brought the Frank’s
We do it in the park all night, old timers give thanks
Niggas like Barkley’s, Luke arm and Hank brought their kids
Water guns spraying off in the Bridge
At the Johnny pump everybody having they fun
Everybody eating Frank’s and burgers dropping they buns
Little kids pick ’em up, then we pop they hands
We give burgers to police but cops ain’t fam
Niggas grandmoms asking me to send ’em a plate
Cuz it started up at 12 they thought it ended at 8
The party never ends, we too deep, we too strong
You know it’s back to the beef once the food’s gone[Outro: Nas]
Yo, yo pass that ketchup over here motherfuckers
Now that’s fire
That nigga L.E.S. greedy as a motherfucker
I knew you was gon’ go over there and take that food off the table
That’s my shit, those are my wings
And who got the fucking Hennessey?
Someone took the Absolut it’s gon’
Damn, a nigga can’t drink nothing
Dude’s out over there always brown-nosing
Rest hatin’ for ho’s
Scheming for grapes, what you doing brother?
That ain’t how we suppose to do it
Yo Jungle you cockblocking give me my weed I’m leaving
The fucking cookout is over
Nature I ain’t fucking with you no more
Where’s my car?
Now that’s fire motherfucker!

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