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Rykno 2 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Rykno 2 Lyrics.

Rykno 2 Lyrics


{Verse 1: Veep]
*Veep Lyrics cannot be transcribed*One man allegedly went too far when he was told his Little Ceasers’s pizza was not “Hot and Ready”, pulling an AK47-*Veep Lyrics cannot be transcribed*[Verse 2: Toxic]
I’m in Rykno 2
I’m also in Rykno 5
He just said “you’re twelve”, then deleted it
I might go and beat up a fetus
You don’t know how rare a verse from Veep is
[Verse 3: Moon]
I got all this money on the face front
Ain’t nobody wanna talk so I’mma say something
Everybody really wanna break my face, huh?
Ain’t nobody really wanna do the race thoughTryna chase me
I ain’t hard to find you can break me
You’ll be grave deep
Make you all shook call you Mobb DeepOh. He seems nice. What’s his name
What’s that dear?
I’m sorry?
Cheese! His name his Cheese

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