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Back in the cut like shoulder blades
Chugging down the ripple
It’s a colder wave
The only restitution
The best delusion
The rest

Mosh pit
Throw you in the mosh pit
And if you talk shit
You gonna get ya clock checked
Mosh pit
Throw you in the mosh pit
If you talk shit
You gonna get your clock checked
Do you really wanna take a chance with us?
Slide em on down
Lemme see what’s up
Ash these syllables
The only way is “fuck it”
It’s the only way to stayWell that’s so relevant
Testing mе
Wrestle out the risk
Sеts ya stage
Octane MF that’s threefold
Octane MF that’s threefoldShe say I’m toxic
I’m just a little talkative
I need a doctor I’m Sikk
Swear to god I don’t MF know man
I swear to god like it’s a MF omen
Better rest the fucking threats in the throat man
The only dosage that don’t involve assaulting
You say you got it but ehh
You really don’t man
This day you haunted
And leaved your body ghosted
My teeth are rotted and frothing
I got fucking rabies
My thoughts crisscross when I’m lost in the wavelengths
Hostile the fall
And the cost is appalling
The tasty knowledge
Abase these dollars
The hate seems honest
It ate deep darling
Wallop the wall
What a day
See sawing
Watts to the brain
What a shock
What a train
The off the fence offense softens the pain

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