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Watch me pull myself up by my bootstraps
Hit a backflip
Falling in patterns unsought by the masses

They told me I should be myself
Fuck, I did
Now it’s a problem
Whats everybody’s problem ?
The mind sees what it wants to
When you treat truth like a tomb
Just bury it deep in darkness
Living hollow as the grave
That you dug with your own hate
Go on; hop up in that bitch main
Tell ‘em all in a big way
For the facts just another poll
Shake a 8 ball
Let it roll
Controversy’s always sold
Mother Mercy
What’s a soul?I don’t know
(MF what??)Something I could do without
Drowning doubt in powered shouts
Down and out
You let you down
Holding on the grudge
Swallowing the sun
Sucking off a lung
What the fuck is out done?
Fire for my mind
Might catch you in a bind
And lift you out the grime
Can’t pull yoursеlf up by your bootstraps?
Fucking jump man
WTF fuck man
Just ask Jumpman
It’s a hard life when you ain’t hard
With a scarred mind in a mason jar
Whеn the car dies and your way afar
When your heart cries for a better start
Took a nose dive off the fucking stars
And I’m in deep getting reimagined
From the hands of time handing asses
It’s disaster if you passive
If you grasped it
Your fantastic
Fucking right moves in the right place at the right time
Fucking magic
What has happened isn’t average
It’s took practice, wit, and tactics

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