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Colonise me Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Colonise me Lyrics.

Colonise me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Mad ’cause we’re black, mad ’cause I’m back
My tiddas stay staunch and my brothers gonna slap
Fuck the colony, cause they ain’t done jack
They say I shouldn’t waste a rhyme on this blackfulla crap
But I keep ’em busy, my mob boys with me
We’re sniffin’ all that petrol, huh? How come I’m not dizzy?
My sisters lookin’ tizzy
Name always comin’ out their mouth like I’m fizzy
Now, January twenty-six, gonna get pissed
But listen to me now, ’cause I’m sick of all this shit
Fightin’ for our rights on a land that is ours
Imagine your mum gettin’ raped and your dad gettin’ killed
In your own house, how’s
How’s that feel? Be fuckin’ for real
It always was and it always will be blackfulla land
And that’s not the end of my spiel
[Verse 2]
When they camе for our land, they didn’t shake our hand
They buriеd us in sand and they killed all our fam
Don’t came at us with this “sorry” shit
Sayin’ sorry means it never happens again
That’s it, don’t forget the genocide, the stealin’
Don’t know why youse don’t empathise, murdered by the masses
And the massacres, fuck Australia Day
It’s the reason it’s been happenin’
And when it comes to [?], you don’t want the bar of it
But that’s not the start of it, my people die in prison but our flag is still risen
Get your knees off our necks
And get yourself a cheque, fuck this racist shit
Go sit up on your deck, fuck Australia Day
Cunt, I’m fed up to the neck, the day they came and took away our land
Ancestors killed with the trigger in his hand
Sure the mob can agree, fuck how you
Cut down our trees, haven’t even set us fuckin’ free
Still tryna colonise me
Still tryna colonise my people
Our land and our freedom
Our kids gettin’ murdered by white cops and still gettin’ followed
Around in shops

Stop tryna colonise me
Set all my people fuckin’ free
Stop tryna fuckin’ colonise me, colonise me
Fuckin’, fuckin’ colonise me
Set my people fuckin’ free
Stop tryna fuckin’ colonise me
[Verse 3]
Take a baby from her fuckin’ mother
And rape her till she can’t move, make her grow up with no other
Whoop her in the back every fuckin’ groove
Tell her that she should be shame of who she is
Disconnect her from herself and her fuckin’ people
Tell her she’s white until she fuckin’ believes you
Treat her like a fuckin’ dog and hit her when she opens her mouth
Strip her from her human rights and cover her in towels
Tell her nobody loves her, call her a
Make her feel like she’s nothin’ and sell her for food
Thanks to you, Captain fuckin’ Cook
This is what our ancestors had to go through
‘Cause the extent youse have to fuckin’ go to
This is what it’s like to be fuckin’ black
You feelin’ it now? Go cut us some fuckin’ slack

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