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Disappointments Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Disappointments Lyrics.

Disappointments Lyrics


(Chorus: uhhh.. uhhh.. Disappointments…
Disappointments… ever going throughSo many Disappointments….DisappointmentsDisappointments… ever going through
So many DisappointmentsDisappointments….
Disappointments… ever going throughSo many DisappointmentsDisappointmentsDisappointments… ever going throughSo many Disappointments
(Verse: 1 look back atYour life like I gottaWork on some thingsBe smart with my moneyDon’t chase after honeysNo over spending
Let me just save my moneyMaybe don’t by this todayI gotta save save uhhWe know we can do bеtterBut you choose the wrongSamе old pattern same old
To many Disappointments in are life
Right now….
We need a opportunity GodPlease give us a chance.. to advance.. yeah yeah..(Chorus: DisappointmentsDisappointments… ever going throughSo many DisappointmentsDisappointments
Disappointments… ever going throughSo many Disappointments(Verse: 2 notice you learnSo much in life when you doingWrong’ cause if you didn’tDo wrong how youGonna learn from your mistakesAin’t tryna repeat theSame thing again I wanna winFight through these temptationsRebuke them demonsEverywhere I goCause there’s alwaysA battle down the roadAin’t letting the devil
Take a hold… Disappointments… Disappointments….(Chorus: uhhh.. uhhh.. Disappointments (yeah) (yeah)
Disappointments… ever going throughSo many Disappointments, (yeah)

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