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Heidi’s Song Lyrics


I’m speaking from the heart
Can’t let it break apart
I regret not being the man that you needed
Just wish that you could see it
Always wanted you since we were kids
You’re the only one I miss
Wish we got live out our life
You could’ve been my wife
It’s my fault that I was trapped
But thinkin’ bout you makes me sad
You beat every girl I had
I’d give up my career if it meant we were together
But now I live in agony forever
All those times you made me happy I remember
Wish I comforted you when you lost
If I could make us happen what would be the cost?
You would bring peace to my life like Bob Ross
I don’t care if you got money or looks
I care about what’s inside like books
I hate this lesson
You can cure my depression, and I would do the same
I can understand your losses and your pain
Can’t comprehend that we’re in a different lane
I wouldn’t hurt you for the worst
It’s my stupidity that hurts
I know we both have demons that lurk
But I know we can make it work
If I could get a second chance I’ll take it
It’s a promise I’ll keep I won’t break it
But life wants me to move on
That’s why I wrote this song
If you ever listen to it I want you to know
You’ll always be the ice to my snow
I kept the wallet you made me
Me losing you had to shape me into a better man that won’t break me
I know you’ll never think alike
We were separated by time
I could’ve had it all with you by my side
It would’ve been great if you were mine
I can understand if you don’t want it
I’m hoping over time that you saw it
I wanna be the man that you love
My hopes and dreams flew away like a dove
I was robbed of happiness and peace
I wish you could be with me
I don’t mean this in a creepy way
Can’t get you out my head everyday
Your eyes sparkle like the stars
I would take you on a trip to mars[Outro]I grew up thinking about you
But life tells me to move on without you
But we can make a change
Turn a new chapter by turning the page
I’m ready for whatever you got
I’ll be here tissues ready when you sob
I’m mature enough to understand your sorrow
I hope we can make a brand new tomorrow

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