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​utopian_freestyle Lyrics

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​utopian_freestyle Lyrics

Whole world owes you a huge debt

[Verse 1]
You the one, you the one
You a gun, said we done
To the sun, now you numb
Left me feeling like a dunce
We were somethin’, now we nothin’
And we fuckin’ just for fun
Think you got me on the run
And I’m nervous now to love
Now I see, I was weak
Now I’m free, you hate me
Bend the knee, silly me
Now you hit my phone like “please”
“Please respond”, I moved on
All I have to say is we, had it all
Saw you fall, so I put it in a song
Aye, yeah I put it in a song, aye-Utopian, it was everything and then some
I remember yesterday as if it was a setting sun
Really think that life is meant for anything but feeling dumb
423 and 304, I share my love with everyone
Utopia’s obtainable, just look into the smoking gun
Baby come and run with me until our vibe is really done
Like fuck it all, I’ll be on the beat until I’m really up
Haven’t felt no normalcy for really like a dozen months
I juggle like a thousand things, my cards they went and fell for once
I lost so many people had me question who I really trustAye, who I really trust, shit, aye, hold upMy, heart attack, I made that
Making music on my Mac
Got the pack, drinking Jack
Know your people don’t adapt
Tryna find Utopia I think I need a better map
Think you found it boy that’s cap, it just landed in my lap
Swear to god, where is God?
Life is odd, I was lost, GAD, come and see
I just need to find my keys
Never needed nothin’ homie, I’m just doing what I please
Moved away from family, now I’m eyeing overseas
My city, Missing T, know I got ‘em when they bleed
Watch my enemies concede, built Utopia with ease

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