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​it’s all okay Lyrics

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​it’s all okay Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hey, just breathe with me
You can let it out, keep it real with me
I don’t wanna see you hyperventilating on my shoulder homie
This supposed to be a good evening
What you tryna do with them benzos?
I count 10 plus pills in your hands bro
I made you throw ’em down the drain and not your throat
So I’m thanking God that I walked in on you
Apologizing that I gotta see you so low
But I told you I would never let you fight it solo
Lately you’ve just been a bit confused on how this works
Like how the hell do you balance work and self worth?
Like how the hell are you suppose to find a new girl?
Your last one left and she was your world
My friend in thе mirror, he been crying for a minute
Alone for thе night, my monologue vivid
This a true story, I don’t wanna admit it
I’d kill myself now, but they all would know I did it
Never thought I would ever really end up here
Fighting for a reason to make it through the year
I said it before, and I’ll say it again
Momma what if my past is better than what I have?
Do I throw it all away, pack it up and backtrack?
I honestly wonder if she ever really feels that
Standing by my self, speaking words into a mic
Capture my mind, so I can play it back in time
Ideally play it when I’m finally happy for once
Tired of telling people, “I was in love once”
Aiuto means help, but ain’t nobody care
Put the verse out, “Levi, everybody cares”
Haven’t heard back, been months now, wait
My friend in the mirror, man, what you have to say?
It’s all okay
I’ll be okay

[Verse 2]
Lately haven’t really been feeling myself
I look in the mirror and it’s not myself, I mean
Every single feature seems foreign to me
Like my eyes and my hair and my two front teeth
My whole damn face, man I pick it apart
Was it this, was it that? How do you feel at heart? Yeah-
Doesn’t really matter, I start with too much chatter
Wear it all on my sleeve, and it makes people leave
I really thought that in 2022
My life would be set, I’d be feeling brand new
Come to find out that you’re wrong and you just feel used
YouTubing and todays who’s who-
Like “Baby I will always be there for you”
Or “Homie I’ll come visit in a day or two”
Like hell, shit, congrats I guess!
My whole damn life in the past I regret
It’ll be okay, yo I’m stronger than I think
I’ll push past this, fuck it, push ’til the brink
I’ll push ’til I forget what feeling this means
I’ll push ’til I forget what the real world brings
At the end of my life, my legacy remains
Levi, MT, making PC games
Making good girls bleed
And my whole town scream
But I’m on my fucking knees, and I’m on my fucking knees, yea
Got a bad bitch dancin’ to my songs again
But I been only worried when the song will end
You see, I don’t really take any pleasure in that
Cause at the end of the day I just fuck and that’s that
I miss feeling like I had a loving wife ahead
But I don’t think that I could ever feel the pain again
It’s only me, myself and I, baby let that sit
I don’t need you or them, I just need to forget
It’s all okay (I just need to forget)
It’ll be okay
Everything is bittr glittr
It’s all okay
I’ll be okay
Everything is bittr glittr (I just need to forget)
Bittr glittr

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