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Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics

Song Info: Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics Song name is ReRock. This song is sung by Lil Shun The Goat & the lyrics is written by Lil Shun The Goat.

Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics

(Ayy) Ayy
Huh? What? Ayy, ayy. ayy

This that rerock s^^t (B^tch)
Drop top with my lil’ rock b^tch (Skrrt)
Gang s^^t, f^^k yo’ click (Huh?)
Whip an opp, then whip a brick, ayy (Huh?)

I was cruisin’ down ashin’ (Skrrt)
Bad b^^ch just want me to smash her (Smash her)
I don’t want her, I f*cked her and passed her (I passed her)
Want smoke? I’m givin’ them cancer, ayy

Want smoke? Give ’em the cancer
Dance on the d^^k, dirty Diana (Diana)
Whip up the white, Bernie Sanders
She’s a s^^t, she don’t got no manners
She is a s^^t, she go for the team (For the team)
I need the green, green beans (Green bean)
Askin’ for coca, she a fiend
S^^k on this d^^k, vacuum clean (Ayy)

I need the money, ching-ching (Ching)
Eyes look Asian, ling-ling (Uh-yeah)
Plug keep callin’, ring-ring (Huh?)
I’m in the 6, bad tings (Okayy)
Let that choppa sing-sing (Fahh)
All of these diamonds, bing-bing (Bing)
B^^ch, I’m a hawk, Tony (Uhh)
Need a Tinder-roni (Okayy)

Ayy Zae! What we doin’ today? (Huh?)
Brand new rollie, I might flood the face (Face)
Stars in the Wraith look like outer space (Space)
My b^^ch got a b^^ch, I feel out of place (Yeah, yeah)
Mink coat, just for the winter (Winter)
Big a^^ b^^ty, I met her on Tinder (Tinder?)
Shine like a trophy, lil’ baby a winner (Huh?)
Eat up the d^^k while she cookin’ me dinner (Yeah)

Eat up the d^^k, I don’t care if you tired (I don’t)
I want the bears, tigers, and lions (Roar)
I popped the percocet, I started flyin’ (I popped a perc)
Pulled on her hair, gettin’ deep, made her cry (Deep)
I need a snowboard for the winter
So I can just slide on the opps and not shoot, Darren Fisher
We don’t ask for the price, n^^ga, this ain’t Fisher (We don’t)
This real diamonds, n^^ga, these ain’t crystals

These real diamonds (Diamonds)
Get hit with the heisman (heisman)
Get hit like a line man (Fahh)
She do what I say, she just like Simon (Ayy)
Ayy, V8 motor, 20k diamond choker (Choker)
HighDef soldier, (Uhh) need the green like an ogre (An ogre)

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