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MIKE (Ft. Liv.e (Singer) & Venna) – U think Maybe? Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you MIKE (Ft. Liv.e (Singer) & Venna) – U think Maybe? Lyrics.

MIKE (Ft. Liv.e (Singer) & Venna) – U think Maybe? Lyrics

[Intro: MIKE & Liv.e]
Well, I had to know
Oh (Hello), oh-oh-oh-oh

[Verse: MIKE]
The lower you drop, the more it’s a fast fall
Notice how I’m on tour gettin’ catcalled
Torturing squads, a– get a bad call
More than McGuile, couldn’t afford to get blackballed
“Sort it with pops,” that’s all that she asked for
All in this time, I fall through the trapdoor
All to remind me of horrors from the past wars
Trauma behind, I’m crawling with the mask torn
Boss had to found me, move on with your last-born
Untimely, I threw the maps on
But you still find me with the gas torch
A zombie, missin’ stitches on the passport
The squad supplied when I’m sein’ life half short
Can’t recline but I ain’t fiendin’ much for fast-forward
The truth surprising, I can still be a bad sport
Hard to sympathize with, I’m takin’ dad’s torch
Now I do the firin’ and take a lap for it
It seem inspirin’ to you would be a tad flourished
Still admire it

[Outro: Liv.e]
Oh, let me show you
I think that I could love you, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, this ain’t gon’ fade, baby
Ooh (Ooh), oh, oh
Do you think, baby?
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Hello)
Hello, hello (Hello)
Baby, he-he-he (Hello)
Oh, baby (Hello)
Baby, oh-oh-oh (Hello), hello
Hello (Hello)
Baby (Hello), hello

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