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MIKE – Snake Charm Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you MIKE – Snake Charm Lyrics.

MIKE – Snake Charm Lyrics

My love
My love

Been controlling the hisses and smoking a bit
Ain’t gotta hold her this business, I’m going with it
I know these hoes, when you give it, it’s only a give
I couldn’t glow where I fit in, I’m lonely as shit
I hope your hope’s still with me, this only a trip
I can’t float in this city, unholy abyss
It mean the most when you hit me, it show I exist
I couldn’t cope with these feelings like Romeo did
That puffer coat been a victim, the coldest of winds
I wanna mope but resist it, I owe it to win
I’ll be your coach, give you tips for this culture ascent
For sure that rope getting thinnеr, I overextend
On thе coast of repenting, I almost can swim
But I’m too focused on revenging the culprit again
I swear I wrote this with intention of closing this bridge
He let her go to that extent, ain’t no shoulder to give
I know that potion never end, so the dosage is big
I wanna blow up but it’s cherished, I owe it to twin
I’m always hoping you the nearest, you always a gift

He about to play some exclusive shit
So back the fuck off my face if you ain’t talking ’bout no cheesecake

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