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MIKE – Sixteens Lyrics

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MIKE – Sixteens Lyrics

How long have you denied that burning desire?

Stayin’ up writin’ sixteens
‘Cause I can’t sleep, thinkin’ ’bout the Sistine
I make it up for all the misreads
‘Cause I can’t sleep, thinkin’ shit skipped me
Sometimes you can’t see, it’s bigger than the shit seem
A mental stampede’s accompanied the misery
Banshees, huddled ’round a pick-me
A broken family’ll crumble on your big dreams
The struggles of the missed king
Not knowin’ who to grapple when the ship sink
I can’t act, what would sis’ think?
I’m bringin’ trouble, every castle get thе Blitzkrieg
You know I battle with the wind’s speed
Seein’ doublе from the path and all the links clinked
She blessed my hustle, movin’ backwards with the quick schemes
I hope it touch you, hit you how it hit me
Subtle, but swiftly through your ripped seams
As much I love you, I know I gotta get free
It’s what it come to, you know how resent bleed
Out your heart, until it leak empty
Lowkey from the start, I ain’t see the end gleam
Just going with my cards, watch ’em harsh and turn to envy
Livin’ up in guard, that’s the reason my defence weak
Thought I was a star, I was tweakin’, just a cheque fiend
Wear a scar, demons, a suppress bein’, uh
A suppress bein’

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