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MIKE – Burning Desire Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you MIKE – Burning Desire Lyrics.

MIKE – Burning Desire Lyrics

You there? You okay?
Yeah, but those flames
It’s so hot, I’m scared
Uh, uh-uh, uh

To fuck around see my plummet, shit I couldn’t stomach
When niggas told me I was buggin’ I was seeing numbers
And touch the ground, wheeled the luggage, all I got from running
My mama told me about this curse and how I was not above it
I honor her with every word, I never swapped the subject
Bottles clinking on the curb, I think I’m out of budget
Naavin got me with the purse, I think I gotta buzz him
The silent grieving never work, why I reside to puffin
Just so I can be a person when I’m out in public
Somеone remind me that thеre’s purpose in this life of wantin’
All that whining be a burden, all this time we flunkin’
It been so hard to see my verdict, what’s a dollar? Nothin’
Seen the worse when the service of my godless lover
When we was huddled in this church there was a lot of frontin’
All those times that I spent searchin’, wasn’t diamond cuttin’
Used to coddle up with Vernon, like I’m dodgin’ summits

Lightning, thunder, summer of pain
Fogs and rains and clouds cluttered the way
Trauma paved the route
Lightning, thunder, summer of pain
Fogs and rains and clouds cluttered the way

[Outro: TAKA]
We were at Young World, about halfway through the vibe
And it felt like one of the hottest days of the summer that I had experienced at that time
And, uh, [?] played and played, like I said
[?] shade and everything, “Oh this is bad,” but then
I started noticing that there were clouds forming over the, uh, over the park and…

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