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Plains of the Buffalo Lyrics

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Plains of the Buffalo Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Come all you, old time cowboys, and listen to my song
Please do not grow weary, it i detain you long
Concernin’ some wild cowboys who did agree to go
To spend the summer pleasantly on the plains of the buffalo

[Verse 2]
Found myself in Griffin in the year of ’83
When a well-known famous drover came a-walkin’ up to me
“Well, how do you do, young fellow, and how would you like to go
And spend the summer pleasantly on the plains of the buffalo?”[Verse 3]
Well”It’s me being out of employment, this to drover I did say
“Going out on the buffalo plains depends upon your pay
And if you pay good wages, transportation to and fro
Think I might go with you on the plains of the buffalo”[Verse 3]
“Yes, I will pay good wages, give transportation, too
Provided you will go with me and stay the summer through:
But if you should grow homesick, come back to Jackboro
I won’t pay transportation from the range of the buffalo.”Why with all his flattering talkin’
Some ten or twelve in number, some able-bodied men
Until we hit Old Duggan’s Creek down in New Mexico
WHile there our pleasures ended and our troubles all soon began
Got all full of stickers from the catcus that did grow
Nnd there were outlaws waitin’ to pick us off ifrom the hlls of New MexicoWell now
Because we lost
But the cowboys had never heard
And we left that drovers bones to bleach on the plains of the buffalo

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