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Grandma Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Grandma Lyrics.

Grandma Lyrics

Hahaha thats a good idea though

Oh my god its that fucking song again im actually obsessed with it
Like i love this song
All i think about is this song
I actually fucking love this song oh my god, wait no becauseMy dick hang low it touch the floor
When i go outside i break the law
I shoot a grandma steal her money shes poor
Call me a lion cause im bout to roar!!
I am on your grandma
Blast so hard get hiroshima’d get japan’d on
(ooga booga BITCH!)Eat dick like its tender ham hock
I love cock
I wanna kiss up on david hasselhoffMflm
Im a felon
(huh? huh?)Mflm
Im a felon
(yeah! augh!)I want big large cock in my mouth please(ello)My boats here see yall!

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