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Meek Mill – Meek Mill Classic Freestyle Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Meek Mill – Meek Mill Classic Freestyle Lyrics.

Meek Mill – Meek Mill Classic Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Everybody know my name, “Meek Milly” Flow is flames
Plus I got that fireman, puffas call me Lil Wayne
And I got a little game, hoes feel a nigga’s swag
Trying to fuck and suck me just so they can get they niggas mad
See me I just sit and laugh, you the one that wife that
You eating her and treating her, see I’m the one that pipe that
Soon as I’m finished with her, you can have her right back
If I get a piece of pie, my man got to slice that
Breakdown, takedown, shorty keep your mouth shut
This is what we do, 1-0-2, you ain’t about that
I don’t give a fuck, I’ll leave you stuck like a mouse trap
Middle of the city, tell your brother that get with me
I be stuntin’ with the .50, caliber
They holler then I can jump out his Dickies and we be ridin’ with them silencers
Ain’t nobody seeing me, the whole hood agree with me
I’m wiping niggas out, they like what I’m about
Every time I’m killing it, the whole hood feeling it
I got the word of mouth, right now I’m on the south
Dealing with them killing niggas, sheisty and gorilla niggas
Fuck it though we out, he talking what he about
Nigga making threats, it’s a bet
I’ll send my Bloodhounds barking at his house
Them summer nights can even turn cold
In the streets of Philly where niggas don’t even get to turn old
My heart pump until it turn gold

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