28 Lyrics

Yeah Boy
This shit getting real realistic
Me and Meech going crazy this year
Yeah Yeah
Understand the pressure we putting on y’all man
This shit is not for play
This shit going off the top of the dome too
We ain’t write none of this shit down
Yo Meech
Show em what the fuck you got
Let’s Go

Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Hip Hop
As I sit back
Ask the game
Several Questions
Bold first
I ain’t never coming second
Fighting everyday like it’s Tekken
I ain’t listening to a nigga in a Nike tech fit
Went to college , and got honors
One dollar to my name
Sipping Arnold Palmer’s
Fucking bitches
Dodging problems and Dodging Karma
Weighing out my trauma
As I figure my name
It’s Meech Bold
And I came and I’m live and effect
We ain’t talking bout nothing
I ain’t taking no rest
Taking my reps
I take my time in taking my steps
One quote on my wall
I can’t settle for less
In my eyes, you gon see pain
I be rapping everyday just to feel sane
At the age of 17
I would see things
And I kept it to myself
Just to stay same
Now four years later
Got a bag
Got the cash
I ask no questions
Everyday I finished last
Probably clocked out of work
And I ain’t think about the cash
I just thought about myself
And then I start to do the math
How do I lose my insanity
Lose my reality
I ain’t been the same
Since Ricky lost all his calories
Mad at me
Cause young Meech Bold
Ain’t on salary
Yeah I dream big
But still broke as a bitch
Broke is a gift
Wait nah
Broke is a wish
Broke in my hands
At 13 I broken my wrist
At 17 Grandma passed
Broke as a kid
Understand my independence
Only comes cause I feared
Ask the rap game
Can you wait
As I sit back and rap
And try to demonstrate
I exuded patience
Now it’s time to detonate
And I’m stepping to the alter
Figure what it’ll cost you
Ya Dig
When in doubt
Figured out
My mind was up
Now I’m down
I’m lost
I’m found
Stop waiting on me
I’m Now
Waiting on me
I’m Now

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