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Union Hall Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Union Hall Lyrics.

Union Hall Lyrics

There’s a place you can’t go wrong
If you must, you’ll do a song
Singing there the whole night long
Down the union hall

Ask anyone, they’ll know the way
Just be careful what you say
There are rules you must obey
Down the union hallYou’re pressing the flower buds with the local girls
Most of them are caught in romancing, here’s a whirl
If you dance, you take a chance, oh please don’t dance at all
Leave it to the locals down the union hall
Still the music there is grand
Have to find this fiddlе band
If you can’t sing, they will lend a hand
Down the union hallAnd thе drink is something else
Go ahead, help yourself
Said it keeps you in good health
Down the union hallAll the lads are farmers, this here’s the weekly fling
They tend to woolward, do it with all the strength they bring
Bring it fine, we fear that you might end up in their brawl
Keep your distance leaving, it’s true, the last of union hallWhen the light has finally gone
You remember what you’ve done
Loaned a tear, had lots of fun
Down the union hall

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