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Real Prevails Lyrics

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Real Prevails Lyrics

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
And I hung my head and I cried
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away
(Straight to hell, buddy)
[Verse 1]
Noticed some videos in my hard drive I needed to delete
A glimpse into the mind of an evil me
Wonderеd if it was calling to become dishonest
Ignorеd the whispers, my new habits better, so I kept my promise
Funny how I decided it was time to change once I was sober
And I didn’t change when the weather started to get colder
Guess your body is one hell of a drug
The only problem, with the best drugs the tolerance comes
But I continued to use it till the door broke
Had already been searching around for more coke
See, I am the type to bite the hand that feeds me
Especially when behind the scenes, somebody bleeds
I lose or gain grip, depending on what we talking about
To you I am a journalist, to me I am a slut for clout
And I was a slut, period, sex my drug of choice
Already fucked a couple times before you ever heard my voice

[Verse 2]
Guess I was not special, it was mostly Bologna
I was worse that every other motherfucker that came before me
Combined, now I finally am the person you wanted to be holding
Thought I would be telling you this once we were the oldest
You’re working at the cafe, my money in investments
Cuz back then I decided it was time to divide us like Brexit
There was truth behind my break-up message
But the biggest truth is that I couldn’t have your cake and eat it too
Today, I saw me in you
And I was finally being true
Not like I wasn’t being true in the little time we was still friends
It’s just that now that I was back, I want to make amends
Cuz I lied about the stroke that never actually happened to me
The personal project? I was already into music before I was fifteen
Then I started to say I was working when you said you missed me
Talk about playing stupid games
Straight to hell, buddy[Verse 3]
A part of me loved you, but a part of me wanted the tail
Look at me now, guess they were the right, the real prevail
Decided to lead you on because I didn’t want to break your heart
I wouldn’t have broken it even a bit if I was real from the start
But I spill the beans now through my art
As the wounds of my mind close up and turn into scars
But I guess my past will always define me in your heart
Hell, it already defines me in today’s world
I knew that shit since the day my language started to get worse
I only look for some closure, so I write this verse
Hoping that the regret gets dispersed
And that there is truth behind my sense of self worth
Guilt seems to make my head hurt
But without you I wouldn’t have been able to go through my metamorphosis
What others might call common sense
So I thank you for that, and I pour myself to you for maybe the first time
Because you’re as pivotal to my life as my first rhymes[Verse 4]
Was willing to change a long time ago
Pick the lesser of two evils so that it don’t break the flow
But it make me into Picasso as a person too
Made choices yet at the same time didn’t mean to be hurting you
Two face, but one is as real as the other
You’ve seen both, over your desk and under the covers
But I ripped one of them off, after I found what I had lost
And finally got what I never had, but gave you as the cost
[Verse 5]
As I speak my soul through this shitty delivery
They broke me into shatters, but you helped me build me
I saw you wanted to cry the other day, that shit killed me
Rodeo reminded you of 4:20, but I write my 4:44
I’ve been a piece of shit, a manipulative bitch, a man-whore
Wasn’t deep into the bullshit, but it felt like I was so I spewed some more
Protecting MC Encore led to losing me
Sometimes, I imagine turning back time and making things sweet[Outro]
I know a place
That’s sound and safe
For us now
No need to hide
Or say goodbyes
Leave them out
We’ll run away
It’ll be okay

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