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If It Was Lyrics

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If It Was Lyrics


And if it’s on me
I work so my options grow
Obstacles in the way
But I stand in today
If it’s on me
I get it so brodie can dream
He hold that fear when he sleep just hope he can breathe
Defensive manner in his eyes
You can tell when he speak
Both brothers on the shelf
He just prayin’ he see
But if it’s on me
Plant the seed watch the grass grow
Might blossom to a rose
But you never know
Give and go take the knowledge
Known send it to thе bro
‘Cause when I’m gone
That’s what livе forever
On my mama soul
If it’s on me
If it’s on me
If it’s on me
Spread a hunnid racks ‘cross the ground
Split it both ways, takin’ what you count
It’s been problems on my brain I really don’t announce
Ways a nigga tryna cope
When I’m in doubt about where
Shit can go wit’ all the ways it’s panning out
Like you born in a room until the door crack
Felt like he breaking out the womb
When he runnin’ in a world
Eagle snatch you out yo’ shoes
Move weary or doom gon’ catch you

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