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Mikahel Lyrics

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Mikahel Lyrics

Lama sabachthani
Father why art thou forgotten me
The cold and distant holding
Of the crying wall of apostasy
Phone lines, modems, fax machines
Light the line that carries me
Echoes sketched in transients
To spirits there across the sea
This remorse that doesn’t hold water
Bodies with no form longer
Psyches in the orbit of those corners where the spirits wander
Silence streams from Elohim
To my pleading to be wanted
So I ask unto the lifted
When they grant me their responses

We hear a voice from above
So nothing settles back now
In the words
Of this mystery[Verse]
Soft rains falling with new cycles of the pagan Zodiac
Cast twine into the sea and stone, Hazuki’s loose demoniac
Hands turning hard on the handles of my Pontiac
I grew up thinking all my house’s landline phones were tapped
I grew up thinking everyone could see the way that atoms move, all these ghosts of positions in the past
Grew up thinking it was strange I had to teach myself to laugh
(Now we go to where everybody else is going back)
And if thine eye cause thee to stumble
Errant satellites that thieve your numbers
Mary to the child that she in love with
A David after Earth who needs the Other
Am I inadequate unto God to warrant his light and miracle?
I try to hold onto things I know I can’t explain
I’ve known better in my life than to ever count on change
The place we switch bodies and see new lives in the trade

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