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Pink Pint Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Pink Pint Lyrics.

Pink Pint Lyrics

(I’m really goin up) (you know I talked to God and he told me I’m the one for this) (So these niggas really not fuckin with me, you dig?)

I unlocked a brand new pint of that drank, call it Tosè it’s pink, huh
I pour up a 4, drop a perc in that drank, I sit back in my head and just think, huh
And why these fuck niggas be playin with me?, like I can’t get em gone in a blink, huh
The plug just came dropped off the gas, and I know that it’s za cuz this shit really stink, huh
I could really tell you all about a perc
Came up from the bottom, came up out the dirt
Pussy nigga play with me, he getting merked
Put him on the news, and put him on a shirt
I could really gеt that bitch up out her skirt
Call up lil Flacko, he drop off them 3D bluе addys, we geeked off the Adderal
I fucked the hoe from the back, and she callin me daddy, she left, I’m not sad at all
Oh he want some static with me?, brought the stick in the function, you know that we set it off
I don’t go back n forth on the internet, I wanna 100 mill, I wanna add it all
I been workin my ass off just to drop a tape for the niggas supportin
Swear to God we gone blast off, better fuck with me now, tryna give you warning
Yeah, cuz when this shit pop off, I don’t want nobody here who ain’t been from the start
And I swear I’m the only nigga from my generation, who make music that come from the heart
I’m really so sick of these young niggas, they just be talkin bout shit that’s irrelevant
Niggas be claimin they demons, but don’t really do this shit, I know them lil boys be heaven sent
If you play like you hard and you push up on me, I got cuttas with me, they pop out with 11 sticks
Swear these young niggas fanned out, they just be dickridin, don’t try to play cuz I got all the evidence
Standin my ground, I’m not fearin these niggas
Tryna go up, disappear on these niggas
They copy the wave, I’ma steer on these niggas
If he talkin that shit, I’m not hearin these niggasI know I’m the one for this shit, I’m made for this
I can’t let these lil boys in my way, I’m not playin with this
Yeah, I’m tryna stand 10 toes down, I’m the man in this shit
Yeah, and most of these niggas be fake like a mannequin bitch, fuck it we boutta go ban all this shit[IkFlacko]
The choppas on me, automatic and shit
And yeah, I need me a nasty lil bitch
I’m high off the muhfuckin addy lil bitch
If she wanna fuck, send the addy real quick
The Japanese Denim I don’t even put on, nigga I rock Ksubi’s
Ya bitch came down to the A, came to the BNB, and on God we made us a movie
Bitch I’m way too turnt, I get so high, the codeine eat me alive
I just back gettin geeked of the muhfuckin za, and I’m gettin high as Allah
My lil bro Marz got me gettin geeked off the X, and I’m gettin higher than God
He talk that shit bout bra, posted up in the cut, I hope that you ready to die

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