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Truman Lyrics

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Truman Lyrics

At the start with nowhere to go
Self-conscious girl in the front row
Just a mouse in a silver suit
So her daddy won’t let her choose
Her dreams can be heard but not seen
She thinks of cowboys on silver screens
But her need is to have herself choose
Between a life of lovers and life of fools
It’s A new world
Bloody Marys now a dancer
In St Louis Town hall
She’s blue with affliction
She’ll never see it happen

She gets up to take a look around
Lands in middle man’s tortured ground
How she screams in dreams without a sound
Throwing pеaches at preachers shе somehow found
Now she’s floating in outer space losing a high-speed camera chase
Wakes to coffee brought in by Clause
A murky taste in a world of clowns
She sold her dreams all far too soon
Now shes eating soup from a greasy spoonI wonder if she knows
I watch all her videos
And I wish she knew she was Truman in the Truman ShowOO-OOhA new world?
Bloody Mary’s on mars dancing
Venice beach boulevard
Still blue with affliction
She’ll never see it happen
She’ll never see it happen
Cause she’s seen it all happen

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