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Introducing Up & Coming Artist Lyrics

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Introducing Up & Coming Artist Lyrics

Mariana MaLyn Donnelly was born on October 24th, 2012 in Coon Rapids, MN. She is a young mastermind in the making, who has proven to be the beacon for her hometown. In 2018, when Mariana was just 6 years old, Mariana and her family picked up and moved to Los Angeles. In the first few years that they have lived in LA, Mariana has done acting, singing, modeling, and her main talent dancing. She has worked with the likes of Afro B, French Montana, Rosalia, Travis Scott, Amber Mark, Pentatonix, Tiffany Haddish, Netflix, Hallmark, HBO, Lil Nas X, Debbie Allen, and many more. Mariana’s most recent accomplishmеnts includes getting her song “Bеach Besties” placed with big brand Louis Vuitton. Mariana sees herself on the stages of Broadway, dancing in more music videos, acting in a major film, or releasing more music

Q: What differentiates her from others?
A: Mariana is very hard working even at such a young age of 10. She also is an afrobeats artist so it’s not common to see many of them here in the US. Typically a lot of people tend to other genres. She also is a kid entrepreneur and runs her own vegan beauty line called Reignbow Drip. She has her first makeup workshop on February 17thQ: Where does she see herself in future?
A: She sees herself as a successful entrepreneur who is still doing what she loves in the entertainment industryQ: Did she has any difficulties of the come up?
A: Before the agency she has now, Mariana’s parents would submit her to some other agencies. She would get denied left and right and their excuse would be that they have kids on the roster that looks like her. She also faced difficulties when she would audition for many things and sometimes she wouldn’t hear back meaning she didn’t get it but then she would get bookings as well and she’s learned that never to give up. Keep pushing no matter what

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